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The SSI Try Scuba program is the best way to try scuba diving for the first time. You will be well looked after by your instructor, so you can enjoy those first unforgettable breathes underwater and experience the magic of scuba diving.

At Islands Tec Dive Gozo we specialize on the personal touch and private tuition. We take time for your first underwater steps and therefore do not teach in groups beside your very own, friends and family. It is very important to us that each of our students understands the environmental impact we have on the underwater world, we therefore take especially time to master skills. Maybe you feel pressured in front of a group, or you take time to learn new skills? Not feeling pushed or rushed is essential, especially in the training!

The program includes pickup at your accommodation in Gozo or the ferry terminal. The dive will be at one of our countless dive sites, so you will have the possibility to see lots of things underwater. It is therefore a real and full dive, and if you have a certified friend or family member who wants to join, it is the perfect opportunity!
Basic Diver Course
SSI Try Scuba Diver Course

Basic Diver

A real dive experience!
no additional fees
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Max. Training Depth: 12 m
  • Group size: PRIVATE
  • Duration: 3-4 hours total

Try Scuba

Little steps!
no additional fees
  • Minimum Age: 8
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Max. Training Depth: 5 m
  • Group size: PRIVATE
  • Duration: 3-4 hours total

Diver Medical | Participant Questionnaire

Recreational scuba diving and freediving requires good physical and mental health. There are a few medical conditions which can be hazardous while diving, listed in the file. Those who have, or are predisposed to, any of these conditions, should be evaluated by a physician. This Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire provides a basis to determine if you should seek out that evaluation.
If you have any concerns about your diving fitness not represented on this form, consult with your physician before diving. If you are feeling ill, avoid diving. If you think you may have a contagious disease, protect yourself and others by not participating in dive training and/ or dive activities. References to “diving” on this form encompass both recreational scuba diving and freediving. This form is principally designed as an initial medical screen for new divers, but is also appropriate for divers taking continuing education. For your safety, and that of others who may dive with you, answer all questions honestly.


Rent a GoPro camera and
Make those memories count

You want to get some memories of your dives, but do not have an underwater camera? Don't worry, we have you covered with our new GoPro rental offer!
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Diving for Kids

The SSI Scuba Rangers Program is a club that offers numerous diving activities
for children aged 8 - 12.

Safety is a top priority and Scuba Rangers programs are only taught by specially trained instructors in a pool, or under confined water conditions in a protected area up to a maximum depth of 5 meters.
You will earn the Scuba Rangers recognition rating.

from €50