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World top diving destination
- the Maltese archipelago

Year after year Malta together with Gozo and Comino are voted as one of the world’s top 3 diving destinations!

The reasons are simple: great visibility year-round, water temperatures between 15 °C and 28 °C, stunning underwater topography, historical and artificial wrecks, and the vast amount of dive sites around Gozo, Malta, and Comino.

Gozo divesites

green – suitable for all levels
brown – wrecks
black – very advanced dive sites

About 30 different dive sites can be visited alone from shore. Additionally, we have around 15 dive sites around Gozo and 15 around Comino, which can be reached by boat.

Whether you are totally new to diving, or you are already an experienced diver, we have something waiting for everyone! 

OUR top divesites

Blue Hole divesite Gozo Malta

The Blue Hole

The most famous dive site of Gozo, starting in the blue hole to then dive on the site of the remains of the famous Azure window.

dive site Malta Gozo

Double Arch

A wonderful dive site that starts in the bay of Xwejni Marsalforn, bringing you to dive through two arches, one on top of the other.

Ras Il Hobs divesite Gozo Malta

Ras il Hobz

Named as well middle finger, a beautiful pinnacle known to be a meeting place for tons of fishes.

Cathedral divesite Gozo Malta

Cathedral Cave

In an isolated valley and after 98 stone steps you can reach this amazing dive site, bringing you to the blue cathedral, where you can surface and take a breath.

Reqqa point pinnacle divesite Gozo Malta

Reqqa Point

The northernmost point of Gozo, a dive known for the clear water and the abundance of life. This dive can be extended to "The bottle", a dive leading you down to 57 m of depth.

cave diving diver Gozo


A nice entry point to join the Blue Hole or various caves. Diving through a fantastic tunnel over 80 m in length, you reach the sea again.

MV Karwela divesite Gozo Malta

MV Karwela

A deep dive for wreck lover. This ferry is easy to explore and gives beautiful pictures.

Xlendi tunnel divesite Gozo Malta

Xlendi bay, reef and tunnel

A wonderful bay to discover with a beautiful tunnel to dive through.

cominoland divesite Gozo Malta

MV Cominoland

The wreck is about 35 m long and is in a perfectly upright position on a sandy seabed. The wreck has great potential for exploration and is safe to penetrate.

COMINO and around Gozo

Comino, famous among other things for its blue lagoon, is located between Malta and Gozo, just 5 minutes from the beach of Hondoq Bay where boarding takes place. We reach famous sites like Santa Marija Caves, Alex cave, the wreck of P 31, Cominotto Reef, or even Lantern point depending on the sea and wind conditions.

Boat dives are only available from May to October and subject to suitable weather as we operate on open boats.
Additional costs apply. Contact us for more information.

Prices 2021

Shore Diving

(prices are per diver, include: transfer, weights and 11l tank)

single Dive45 €
2 dives (same area)65 €
2 dives (different location)80 €
4 dives120 €
6 dives170 €
8 dives210 €
10 dives240 €
40 dives family & friends package990 €
Night-Dive supplement10 €


Malta diving center Gozo

We offer you rates adapted to your budget and your needs, from the simple diving service and courses to an all-inclusive package including accommodation and car rental.

diving equipment setup

Equipment rental

full equipment/dive (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)10 €
full equipment/day (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)15 €
full equipment/5 days (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)60 €
single item/day (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit, dSMB)5 €
special equipment/day (computer, torch)5 €
side-mount equipment/day20 €
15L tank/dive3 €
Enriched Air Nitrox 32% 11L tank5 €
diving Malta Gozo

Example of a typical dive day:

At Islands Tec Dive, a typical dive-day consists of 2 consecutive dives in the morning, giving you the afternoon free to explore what the Maltese Islands have to offer.

08:00 meetup
09:00 1st dive
11:00 2nd dive
12:30 transfer back

We also offer an afternoon dive at 15:00.

Night owl? Can’t sleep? We also offer regular Night Dives!