World top diving destination
- Malta, Gozo & Comino

Year after year, the Maltese archipelago is voted as one of the world's top 3 diving destinations!

The reasons are simple: great visibility year-round, water temperatures between 15 °C and 28 °C, stunning underwater topography, historical and artificial wrecks, and the vast amount of divesites around Gozo, Malta, and Comino.

Which one is becoming your favourite dive site of Gozo?

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Gozo Dive Sites

Gozo, like Malta, offers a vast number of diving sites. Famous for its wrecks, caves, breathtaking tunnels, reefs and bays. It is a perfect place for scuba diving, exploration and discoveries, there is surely something for everyone! No wonder, the Maltese Archipelago has been voted year after year as one of the world’s top 3 diving destinations! If you are about to take your first breaths underwater or are already a highly experienced diver, Gozo offers it, and we can help you choose the right diving holiday for you! Fun dives, diving courses, all-inclusive holiday packages, whatever you are looking for.

COMINO and around Gozo

Comino, famous among other things for its blue lagoon, is located between Malta and Gozo, just 5 minutes from the harbour of Hondoq Bay where boarding takes place. We reach famous sites like Santa Marija Caves, Alex cave, the wreck of P 31, Cominotto Reef, or even Lantern point depending on the sea and wind conditions. Boat dives are only available from May to October and subject to suitable weather as we operate on open boats. Additional costs apply. Contact us for more information.

Prices 2022

Shore Diving

Prices are per diver including: transfer, weights & 11l tank

  • single Dive € 45
  • 2 dives € 65
  • 4 dives € 120
  • 6 dives € 170
  • 8 dives € 220
  • 10 dives € 260
  • 40 dives family & friends package € 990
  • Night-Dive Supplement € 10

    min. 2 diver

We offer you rates adapted to your budget and your needs, from the simple diving service and courses to an all-inclusive package including airport transfer, accommodation and car rental.

diving equipment setup

Equipment Rental

  • Full equipment / dive € 10

    (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)

  • Full equipment / day € 15

    (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)

  • Full equipment / 5 days € 60

    (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)

  • Dry Suit / day € 15
  • Sidemount / day € 15

    (wing, 2 regulator sets)

  • Single item / day € 5

    (mask, fins with booties, regulator, BCD, wetsuit)

  • Special equipment / day € 5

    (dSMB, compass, computer, torch)

  • GoPro rental € 15
  • 15l steel / dive € 3
  • Nitrox 32% / 11l tank € 4

Example of a typical dive day:

At Islands Tec Dive, a typical dive-day consists of 2 consecutive dives in the morning, giving you the afternoon free to explore what the Maltese Islands have to offer.

09:001st dive
11:002nd dive
12:30transfer back

Night owl? Can’t sleep? We also offer regular Night Dives!

diving Malta Gozo