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Most of the dive sites around Gozo can be accessed from shore, no boat needed!
Sitting to Maltas north lays its sister island, Gozo. The pace of life on this small, beautiful island is very relaxed. Gozo has a few wrecks off its southern coast, the most famous being the MV Karwella, an old ferry sunk as an artificial reef, suitable for more advanced divers. The picturesque island of Gozo boasts dramatic cliffs dropping into the sea, which continue on underwater, forming many drop-offs, caverns, caves, and swim-throughs. The best dive sites in Gozo include
the Blue Hole, the Inland-Sea, Reqqa Point, Double Arch, and Cathedral Cave, amongst others.

The Maltese diving offers great visibility year-round, water temperatures between 15 °C and 28 °C, stunning underwater topography, historical and artificial wrecks around Gozo, Malta, and Comino. We dive also in winter, but keep in mind
that weather conditions can be rather unpredictable!

Gozo dive site Map

green – suitable for all levels
brown – wrecks
black – very advanced dive sites

About 30 different dive sites can be visited alone from shore. Additionally, we have around 15 dive sites around Gozo and 15 around Comino, which can be reached by boat between May and October.

Whether you are totally new to diving, or you are already an experienced diver, we have something waiting for everyone! 

OUR top divesites

Blue Hole divesite Gozo Malta

The Blue Hole

Blue Hole is the most famous dive site in Gozo with spectacular underwater landscapes and amazing light effects. Look for the remains of the Azure Window (“Azure Alps“), the cavern, and a fun chimney and swim-throughs.

dive site Malta Gozo

Crockodile Rock

Crocodile Rock is not only a boat dive site located in Dwejra south from the Blue Hole. It combines a wall dive, going down to 30+ metres with a shallow, 7 m deep plateau with a nice reef. This dive site is suitable even for less experienced divers.

Ras Il Hobs divesite Gozo Malta

Ras il Hobz

Ras il Hobz or the “Middlefinger“ is one of the most interesting dives in the south. It is a huge pinnacle, going from 9 up to 40+ m. You can dive the pinnacle either from a wall or starting from a shallow bay. The dive site offers breathtaking views, but one needs a good buoyancy skills to dive in the blue.

Cathedral divesite Gozo Malta

Cathedral Cave

The water inside Cathedral Cave gives off a magical blue colour. Surfacing while inside the cave is a must! This site is full of fun boulders, swim-throughs and domes to explore. Depth ranges from 15-25 meters and is great for all levels of divers.

Reqqa point pinnacle divesite Gozo Malta

Reqqa Point

Reqqa point is a fantastic dive site for more experienced divers, with a maximum depth of 40 m. It offers a wall dive leading to a rocky shelf at 18 m full of jackfish, moray eels, damsels and many schools of small sardines around. At the bottom of the wall, you may encounter bigger groupers and dentex fish.

cave diving diver Gozo


Inland Sea is another dive site in Dwejra, close to the famous Blue Hole. It is an 80 m long open tunnel leading to an open sea. It offers stunning light inside and outside the tunnel, as well as the drop-off full of fish. Perfect for more experienced divers. Depths between 5 and 30+ metres.

MV Karwela divesite Gozo Malta

MV Karwela

The MV Karwela is the most popular wreck here on Gozo. It is an old German-built ferry which was used as an excursion boat around Malta and scuttled in 2006 for divers. It is easy and safe to enter and penetrate the wreck. Furthermore, it has a fantastic staircase, 2 decks to explore with a dark engine room underneath. For experienced divers. 32-40 m

Xlendi tunnel divesite Gozo Malta

Xlendi bay, reef and tunnel

Xlendi Bay is a small and picturesque bay in the south-western part of the island. In the middle of the bay there’s a fantastic tunnel starting at only 3 m, going down to 8 m. It’s safe and suitable for all levels, great as your first experience with caves and caverns. Depths between 3 and 18 m outside the tunnel.

cominoland divesite Gozo Malta

MV Cominoland

Cominoland is one of three wrecks scuttled in Xatt l’Ahmar in the south of Gozo. It was an old excursion boat to Comino that was scuttled in August 2006 together with the nearby Karwela wreck. Cominoland is 35 m long and lies at 40 m. It has two decks and offers a lot to explore. For advanced divers.

Example of a typical dive day:

At Islands Tec Dive, a typical dive-day consists of 2 consecutive dives in the morning, giving you the afternoon free to explore what the Maltese Islands have to offer.

09:001st dive
11:002nd dive
12:30transfer back

Night owl? Can’t sleep? We also offer regular Night Dives!

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